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Have questions? …and not sure what appointment to make? Make a Consultation Appointment.

Updated: Apr 13

If for ANY reason you are unsure of what services you need for old/asymmetrical mall piercings, or anything you may have questions about …

We suggest making a Consultation Appointment with our technician.

DO NOT EMAIL. Our office is an answering service and gets a lot of emails and is answered in the order it was received. Because of this, we may not get to you in the time we feel would work and it would be better to meet with the technician directly.

This was put in place if you're unsure of where to start.

In a Consult Appointment you will meet with the technician in person.

- They will answer your questions to the best of their knowledge and experience.

This can include aftercare, jewelry fittings and measurements if it is needed.

- If you cannot meet with the technician in person you can schedule a Video Consultation appointment via Google Meet.

We understand that it's confusing with all the information that's given by other technicians, the internet and friends/family.

By providing this service, we hope to answer your questions and help you make a clear and concise decision about the procedure should you choose our technician or elsewhere.

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