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Recently got a piercing but, "Want to get a new one. "

In the event that you have recently undergone a piercing, whether performed by our technician or another, we kindly request your understanding regarding the possibility of being advised to wait for subsequent piercings.

The rationale behind this recommendation lies in the fact that the healing process of a piercing or modification may not always proceed as anticipated. The introduction of new piercing(s) during the healing phase can potentially exacerbate any existing issues and hinder the overall healing process.

Furthermore, managing multiple open wounds simultaneously can increase the risk of minor irritations, infections, and impede the body's natural healing mechanisms.

Our technician prioritizes your well-being and believes it is imperative for your body to undergo a healthy, correct, and safe healing process.

Thus, it is recommended that you wait until you have reached a minimum of 80-100% healing before considering additional piercings, allowing your body to heal thoroughly and securely before embarking on the next phase of your piercing journey.

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