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If you miss an appointment and/or running late...and didn't make it...

Updated: Jan 3

You can Reschedule a Confirmed Appointment by visiting the "Book Online" section, and "Request to Book" another appointment.

By doing this you will not lose your original deposit and can schedule your appointment for another time. Be sure to write in the note box when/time of your original appointment was scheduled. Also, be sure to write down any changes for the service you are requesting.

We understand that schedules change, but if in the event it happens to fall into the appointment you made, we suggest to "Reschedule Confirmed Appointment".

This can easily be done by revisiting the Book Online Page of the website.

Request to Book another appointment. There is a $10 non refundable fee and You will only need to enter information of your original appointment time/date. You will receive a confirmation email whether your appointment request was approved/denied.

Please keep in mind if the proper prior appointment information isn't given correctly, your appointment will not be approved.


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