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Swollen? Infected? Unsure? Make a Post procedure/check up appointment.

Updated: Mar 27

If you for ANY reason think or feel that your piercing is "infected", we suggest to make a Post Procedure Check-Up with our technician. DO NOT EMAIL.

This was put in place if you're experiencing a great or rough heal, it's important to stay in contact with your technician. It is recommended that you make a "Check up Appointment "8-12 weeks after your procedure. - In that appointment you will again meet with the technician. - They will evaluate the status of how you're healing. - If you are in need of a Jewelry Up Size or Down Size, it can be done at this check-up or the next. - Suggest any aftercare tips or jewelry fittings / measurements if it is needed. Please understand....We do not know how you're doing or healing unless you contact and meet with the technician. We understand that it's confusing with all the information that's given by other technicians, the internet and friends/family. Hence why we believe It is important to stick to a simple aftercare routine and in contact with the technician who did the procedure to help you along the way.


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