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Is your piercing infected? Make a check up appointment.

If you for ANY reason think or feel that your piercing is "infected", we suggest to make a Post Procedure Check-Up with our technician. DO NOT EMAIL.

This was put in place if you're experiencing a great or rough heal, it's important to stay in contact with your technician. It is recommended that you make a "Check up Appointment "8-12 weeks after your procedure. ​ - In that appointment you will again meet with the technician. - They will evaluate the status of how you're healing. - If you are in need of a Jewelry Up Size or Down Size, it can be done at this check-up or the next. - Suggest any aftercare tips or jewelry fittings / measurements if it is needed. Please understand....We do not know how you're doing or healing unless you contact and meet with the technician. ​ We understand that it's confusing with all the information that's given by other technicians, the internet and friends/family. ​ Hence why we believe It is important to stick to a simple aftercare routine and in contact with the technician who did the procedure to help you along the way.

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